Sunday, July 08, 2012

Time magazine's canard

Time has called our prime minister an underachiever. No report can be more false than this. Manmohan Singh is a non-achiever.

Sumantra Ghosal used to refer to "satisfactory underperformance". Had he witnessed Singh's style, Ghosal would have called it "satisfactory non-performance". If a nation's leader lets the corrupt thrive and refuses to open his mouth except at the dentist's, would you smugly call him an underachiever? I would call him a destroyer of the nation.


வழிப்போக்கன் said...

Your comments are witty, sharp, apt and highly readable.
I derive great pleasure in reading your comments.
S. Krishnamoorthy

K.R.Srivarahan said...

Thank you very much for your liberal comments, Mr.Krishnamoorthy.