Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ministerial ostentation

Ministers S.M.Krishna and Shashi Tharoor of the External Affairs ministry have been staying in the Presidential suite of The ITC Maurya and The Taj respectively for the past 3 months. Reason? The bungalows allotted to them are under renovation. They have confirmed that the government is not footing the hotel bills.
Is there any issue here? Tharoor thinks no. Krishna is not alive to the possibility of any public concern over this. Yet this conspicuous ostentation raises quite a few issues of public importance. Krishna's bill is around Rs.10 million and Tharoor's nearly Rs.4 million.Are they paying from their kitty or is there any sponsor a.k.a. vested interest?
Tharoor has referred to two existential reasons for his inability to stay in Bhavans which are guest houses of state governments located in the national capital. Gym and privacy are not available in state guest houses !
Politicians who are not embarrassed in eking out such extravagant living can never understand the plight of aam adhmi.
The Indian Express has exposed this prodigality. We do not know how many such instances remain unknown to the public. Performance of these two ministers so far has been far from exemplary.One can only sympathise with the Prime Minister.

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