Friday, September 25, 2009

Justice P.D.Dinakaran : The communal card

The Supreme Court Collegium is still in the process of taking a decision on the allegations levelled against the the Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court. Time is a benevolent healer that solves some problems. But in a case where allegations of corruption are made, delay in decision-making leads to a murkier milieu. This is exactly what is happening in the present case.
Initially, Shanti Bhushan made the preposterous claim that the Chief Justice of India was supporting Justice Dinakaran because the latter also was a Dalit. It is surprising that no action has been taken against this inflammatory remark. Now comes an equally absurd canard from Mr.Buta Singh, the Chairman of The National Commission for Scheduled Castes who alleges that the campaign against Justice Dinakaran is motivated because he is a Dalit.
Playing the communal card is a dangerous game. It obfuscates the issue and poisons the atmosphere. Meaningful debate becomes the casualty. Justice gets sidelined.

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