Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Air India's global search for COO

Air India (NACIL) has released a recruitment ad in The Economist dt.19th Sept for COO. This is perhaps the first time that an Indian public sector unit is casting its net worldwide. Coming so soon after the Finance Minister's fiat to travel cattle class, it is easy to guess the eligibility criteria 1) Cowherds and shepherds are encouraged to apply. 2) Inability to tweet is a prerequisite. 3) Posting is initially for 3 years. Extension may be considered subject to continued inability to tweet and Air India's negative networth. 4) Acquaintance with English is preferable. However, capacity to distinguish between right and left is essential.(Last year, a foreign pilot landed an aircraft at Tambaram instead of Chennai since he mistook directional guidance of control staff.) 5)Applicant is expected to have fire in the belly.If necessary, the applicant should be capable of transferring fire from the engine to one's belly.(Recently, an Air India Airbus had to abort takeoff when fire in the engine was noticed inadvertently! ) Is there a proposal to rechristen Air India subsequent to 'cattle class' solidarity? Yes. The names under consideration are Air Krishna and Air Jesus in solidarity with holy cows and disciplined sheep. To avoid a blatant blot on secularism, Air Chrishna is a more likely choice.____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ __

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