Sunday, November 01, 2015


Irfan Habib, a historian and supposedly a public intellectual, has claimed, "There is not much difference between Islamic State  (IS) and the RSS as far as intellect goes." (The Hindu, November 2, 2015.) He must have said 'as far as my intellect goes.'

The Hindu has cleverly or inadvertently omitted the intellect part in its front page coverage. To say that there is no difference between IS and RSS is like saying that there is no difference between history and geography.

IS is a violent organisation with its core competence in killing people and destroying archaeological treasures. IS is an anti-cultural and anti-civilizational movement. Inability to see the difference between IS and RSS is a symptom of incurable insanity and pathological psychosis.

Is Irfan Habib turning philosophical in claiming that ultimately everything is the same?

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