Friday, October 16, 2015

Sanjiv Bhatt

Justice Markandey Katju has pilloried the Supreme Court for its pronouncements on unclean hands of Sanjiv Bhatt in approaching the court. He laments that the Court did not give an opportunity to Bhatt to explain his action before condemning him. Katju's anger is palpable. Says he:

". An upright police officer who bravely took on the crooked Establishment and exposed its misdeeds, has been castigated by the Court in sweeping language which seems calculated to please the ruling party.

All these are serious sweeping and intemperate allegations against Bhatt's character, and so it was incumbent on the Supreme Court to have issued a notice to Bhatt asking him why strictures be not passed against him, as has been repeatedly observed by the Supreme Court itself.

Bhatt was being attacked by the entire Establishment, which included not only BJP politicians but even his own fellow police officers who shamelessly denounced him to please their political masters. Where else could he appeal to but politicians of other parties, NGOs, activists, etc ?

Moreover, in Sanjiv Bhatt's case, there was not even a requirement to make such observations of rebuke against Bhatt, and the Supreme Court has repeatedly said that strictures should not be passed against anyone unless that is absolutely essential. . Bhatt had filed his appeal in the Supreme Court alleging he was being targeted by the Gujrat govt.for disclosing certain facts about the post Godhra killings of Muslims. At most the Supreme Court could have rejected his plea, but where was the need for berating him and hauling him over the coals ?"

If Sanjiv Bhatt is aggrieved, he has every right to approach the judiciary  to clear his name. It is not clear how the learned former judge is convinced about uprightness of Bhatt. Katju has also stated that there are allegations of bribery against the CJI, H.L.Dattu. A specialist in quantification, he has also remarked that 50% of judges in higher judiciary and 75% in lower judiciary are corrupt. He has claimed that Indian judiciary is beyond redemption.

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