Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mahatma's unfulfilled wishes

Mahatma Gandhi had two wise wishes which unfortunately were not fulfilled. Non-fulfillment of these two wishes has cost the nation dear. One wish is well-known. The other is not known to many.

The first one was his desire that the Congress party be dissolved when India became independent. Nehru and his friends did not want to lose their positional authority and therefore there was no way that Mahatma's wish could be actualised.

The second wish is explained in the book titled "The Red Sari - A dramatised biography of Sonia Gandhi" written by the Spanish author, Javier Moro.

"Indira went to see Gandhi to talk to him about her marriage with Feroze, and, instead of encouraging her to have a family, the old holy man suggested that she and Feroze should follow his decision to embrace celibacy after they were married. Then why get married? Indira had snapped at him, annoyed."

If Indira Gandhi had fulfilled Gandhi's wish, we would have been spared Emergency which was the brain-child of Sanjay Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi would not have become the President of INC and Manmohan Singh would not have become our prime minister.

How clairvoyant was the Mahatma!

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