Monday, July 13, 2015

Indo-Pak relations

India and Pakistan are distant neighbours. They view each other with a lot of suspicion and perhaps hatred too. This approach is costing them both heavily. Yet, the historical baggage is such that no solution appears to be in sight, however long-sighted one is!

The summit meetings between the two prime ministers do not really break ice. The atmospherics of such meetings has become predictably boring and of a set pattern. Joint statements will be issued with a slight advantage for one side after one meeting and one can be sure that the next joint statement will marginally favour the other side. It does not matter who is in power in either country.

Once the leaders get back home, they will give a different spin to the statements and the significance of joint statement will be totally lost. In case the relationship between the two nations is normalised and moves away from bellicosity, the GDPs of both nations will head northwards.

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