Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gopalkrishna Gandhi's misdemeanour

It is regrettable that Gopalkrishna Gandhi has invoked the name of late Abdul Kalam in his request to the President to accept Yakub Memon's mercy petition.

Gandhi is only trying to play an emotional game in misutilising the name of a popular leader whose recent demise the nation is still mourning. His approach does not reflect either the intellect of his maternal grandfather, Rajaji or the moral eminence of his paternal grandfather, Mahatma Gandhi.

As long as the death penalty is in our statute, the President is not expected to acquiesce to a mercy petition from a person who has essentially waged a war against the nation.

There is perhaps a misconception among some 'eminent citizens' that they should uphold the rights of terrorists and other criminals even by violating the ethical rights of society because 'every life matters'. Doesn't collective life also matter?

Justice Kurian Joseph's 'heroic' interpretation of court procedure has been negated by the other four judges who have taken a view on the matter. We can expect Justice Kurian Joseph and his ilk to continue their obduracy.

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Anonymous said...

You need not bring in Rajaji and Mahatmaji here. Gopalkrishna Gandhi is entitled to his own views. He is a respected person in his own right.