Sunday, February 23, 2014

Telangana: What does it presage?

 “The manner in which Telangana was born is an indication that this country is capable of taking difficult decisions,” the Prime Minister said in Lok Sabha. 

Our prime minister talks less. But what little he says could be shocking. What does one make out of Manmohan Singh's claim contained in his last address to the Lok Sabha?

The unruly scenes witnessed in both houses of parliament while 'discussing' the Telangana issue proved that indecency has no limits. What is there in the manner in which the state was born which makes our prime minister proud and confident about our ability to take difficult decisions?

Three indefensible features characterise this decison-making process. Srikrishna panel report was not fully disclosed to the parties concerned. AP Legislature's resolution was disrespectfully ignored. The Bill was introduced towards the fag end of the final session of the Lok Sabha. 

The decision in favour of a new state might have been justified. But our inability to take even a justifiable decision in a 'parliamentary' and responsible manner and on top of that to be satisfied about that manner condemns us to the status of vandals.

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