Thursday, February 06, 2014

Prime Minister's perfidy

It is unfortunate that Manmohan Singh has once again proved himself to be sinistrally recalcitrant. The Lokpal Selection Panel consists of five members: the prime minister, leader of opposition in the Lok Sabha, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, a Judge of the Supreme Court and a jurist. While selecting the jurist, the government had proposed a panel of names including K.Parasaran , Fali S.Nariman and P.P.Rao.

The prime minister insisted on appointing P.P.Rao as a jurist. The leader of opposition in the Lok Sabha disagreed and suggested appointment of either Parasaran or Fali Nariman. Selection of either would have ensured unanimity in choice of the fifth member. But Manmohan Singh would have none of it.

Singh's approach has been peevish and political. This is not what we expect from a leader. Apparently, right from the beginning, Singh and his leader (or the leader and therefore Singh) wanted only Rao though other names were suggested more as a formality. Other three members of the panel rubber-stamped Singh's choice.

If post-retirement, Manmohan Singh ruminates over his arbitrary actions as prime minister, he will be overwhelmed by cognitive dissonance. 

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