Sunday, October 27, 2013

Peripatetic prime minister

The Economist points out that Manmohan Singh has spent a tenth of his near-decade as prime minister abroad. He has flown more than 1m km in 72 official visits.(He is not done yet.) "Beleaguered at home by scandal and gloomy prospects for his ruling Congress party, the airport departure lounge is more tempting than ever." It is difficult to get eviscerated in more blunt terms.

As a bonus the magazine adds, "And abroad he is unconstrained by his part boss, Sonia Gandhi." It is widely believed that coal allocations were made at the instance of Sonia Gandhi conveyed through her most trusted secretary, Ahmed Patel. Of course, PMO has denied this inference.

How did the venerable Singh land in this mess? Had he done something in the past that is opportunistically utilised by his leader to blackmail him into falling in line without demur? Future will reveal.

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