Saturday, October 19, 2013

Manish Tewari's strange advice

Manish Tewari, the belligerent spokesperson of the Congress party, is known for supposing that he is a repository of wisdom and everyone else is a dunce. When the entire country is anxious to know what is the accountability of our non-responsive prime minister in the coal scam especially when much cleaner hands are targetted by the CBI, the I & B minister offers this triple-pointed wisdom:

1) The matter is sub-judice; so no one should speak about this;
2) People should speak appropriately at appropriate forums,

and best of all 3) the government is giving all information to investigating authorities.

The basic questions are: Does the honourable minister want to gag the entire country? What are appropriate forums? What happened to the missing files? If the minister claims that all information is provided to the CBI, does he mean that the missing files are blank files?

There are occasions when ministers will be helpful if they keep quiet. This is one such occasion.

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