Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Rahul Gandhi's shibboleth

Rahul Gandhi who will be our next prime minister, if we are 'lucky', has expounded a new theory. "If I get married and if I get children, I will only be a status-quoist. I will only try to make my children take my position. Therefore, I will not get married." He is clairvoyant enough to foresee that his children will be the next generation of congress netas.

With just a few sentences, Rahulji has demolished the institution of marriage. He says he does not want to give up the task of reforming the party and hence no marriage for him. Have you ever come across a married person who is also a reformer? Atleast our leader has not.

Sadly, he does not want to be prime minister also. He has started talking about 'nishkama karma' and Bagavad Gita also. The essence of the Gita is that one need not renounce family in order to be of service to society. A leader should set up a good example because a lot of people will follow what he does. There should be consistency among what one thinks, says and does. Vagabondism and hypocritical altruism are not desirable qualities.

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