Saturday, March 09, 2013

Rahul Gandhi's giveaway on CBI

According to media reports, Congress vice-president met the wife of recently slain DSP in UP and assured her that she would get justice. He also assured that the CBI would conduct an impartial probe into the cruel murder of the DSP.

Rahul Gandhi has the practice of visiting families in distress and no one can take exception to this. Critics may say it is only a political gesture, but so be it. Every politician does this. But what is perplexing is Rahul Gandhi's ability to guarantee an impartial probe by CBI. The investigative agency is not supposed to be in his / his family's/ his party's control.

It is obvious that the factual position is different from what is supposed to be. If the ruling party (at the centre) or the ruling family is not involved in a matter under investigation, the CBI is 'permitted' to conduct an impartial probe.

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