Monday, December 24, 2012

Tactless Government

Concerned youth is reacting spontaneously to obvious lack of safety for women in our country. The government as usual was clueless on magnitude of student protests. Police forces tried to contain the agitation by adopting unjustifiable use of brute force. The medieval mindset of the powers-that-be came out clearly in their utterances.

The Delhi Police Commissioner was being interviewed by a group of girls in a programme telecast on Headlines Today. The Commissioner's words of wisdom included the revelation that women must take responsibility for their own safety! When a girl was curious to know what was government's responsibility in ensuring that women do not get raped, the CP outsmarted his own usual self declaring that men also find their pockets picked! The girl was unhesitatingly appalled by the Commissioner's total insensitivity.

The Home Minister once again proved that it is not required of him to know his job as long as he is in the good books of Soniaji. He went on praising the leadership qualities of the Congress President (incidentally another CP). Mr.Shinde made it clear that he cannot be expected to meet agitators. His argument was, "Would the home minister of India come out to talk to every group that protested? Would he have to face down protests by the Congress, the BJP or (hold your breath) the Maoists? If tomorrow a hundred tribals are killed in Chhattisgarh or Gadhchiroli, would the government have to go there?"

We are thankful to the Home Minister for clarifying that he is the minister for Gandhis' Home and not for the nation.

The taciturn prime minister condescended to address the nation eight days after the brutal incident. As the father of three daughters, he had no hesitation in sharing the concern of students. He has done his duty. Do not expect any action from him. Theek Hai? 

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