Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gandhis and the Parliament

Many people wonder why the exemplary leaders of the Congress party, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi do not speak in the parliament. The Gandhis revere the parliament as a place of worship. They know that we are not supposed to talk inside a temple.

Some people wonder whether the Gandhis, during the rarest of the rare occasions when they are present in the Lok Sabha, understand what is going on. Again we need to understand what happens in a place of worship, whether it be a temple or a mosque or a church. Proceedings are in Sanskrit, Arabic or Latin. Most of us do not comprehend what is addressed to the Almighty. Similarly, the happenings in the parliament are Greek and Latin to the Gandhis.

How is Rahul Gandhi grooming himself to take charge as prime minister of the country? Witness what he did in the run-up to elections in Gujarat. He was the last Congress leader to visit and get out of Gujarat. As the captain-in-the-making, he was the last to leave the sinking ship in the state.

Let us not judge the Gandhis by our mundane standards. One may ask why Panditji was an active participant in legislative proceedings. Well, he was an atheist and therefore did not know how to conduct himself in a temple where he had never been.

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