Thursday, September 06, 2012

Kapil Sibal at his comical best

The incorrigible  comedian-minister, Kapil Sibal is now entertaining the country with what is arguably the zaniest statement ever made. After confounding the nation for months with the claim that there is no policy paralysis, he has now stated that private sector is responsible for policy paralysis. At the curtain raiser for India Telecom 2012 Conference, he has advised the private sector telecom operators "to rise above self-interest". All these days, economists have been misleading us into thinking that self-interest is the motivating factor for private sector. And we used to opine, wrongly as we now gather from the honourable minister, that ministers should rise above self-interest.

KS has lamented,"Each telecom operator when he comes to me , his focus is his business, his future." May we ask the humorous minister, what was his focus when he was practising law? Was it his business (profession), his future or country's future? If he deigns to answer, we will be treated to a season of unending laughter.

The minister further clarifies, "If self-interest continues to be the driving force for private sector players, their interests will be hurt ultimately." He has at one stroke turned Economics upside down.

He has also enlightened the physicists on Newton's Law of Motion. "If your self-interest is your driving force, then Newton's Law of Motion will apply. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. What will happen is your self-interest will be ultimately hurt."

We are unable to visualise funnier statements. But let us not underestimate Kapil Sibal. He is capable of providing more entertainment.

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