Saturday, November 07, 2009

Yeddy vs Reddy : Malgovernance at its worst

It is a tragedy that the floods-ravaged Karnataka is now witnessing an unprecedented political tamasha and flood-relief measures have taken a back seat. It is perhaps true that the chief minister, Yeddiurappa has been turning in a mediocre performance so far and corruption levels ,by Karnataka standards, were not on the rise. The Reddy brothers have now pushed the chief minister to drop whom he calls efficient minister and officials. Should the chief minister succumb to such pressure and then turn disconsolate in public?

The Reddy brothers are evidently using their money power to get a chief minister and officials of their choice. It is a blatant mockery of democratic system. The central leadership of the party, BJP is in deep disarray. In the ongoing drama, leaders of BJP have been reduced to a bunch of nincompoops. The party with a difference has ceased to be a political party and has become a circus of buffoons.

In an unpalatable situation like this, when governance is at a standstill, the governor should not remain a silent spectator. He must caution the cabinet to behave or else ---

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