Saturday, November 07, 2009

Unravelling of international education industry

Global Campus Management is a leading business group that facilitates admission for international students in Australia (Sydney and Melbourne), Newzealand and to some extent in the USA. It owns or operates or partners with educational institutions catering to mainly hotel, hospitality and vocational industries. According to its website,
"GCM USA seeks to introduce GCM owned and/or managed curriculum into its partnerships and acquisitions, and offer a range of vocational courses to domestic and international students in hotel, resort and hospitality management, design including the specialist cognate areas of animation, communication, games, graphics, interior and product design, as well as business, IT, secondary school and English language courses."

GCM is suddenly in the news now because it has decided to go into "voluntary administration" possibly meaning it has gone bankrupt. Such a development obviously leaves in the lurch many students who have solely depended on it to begin or further their career. This is a risk that no one would have visualised even in wildest nightmares.
Organisations like GCM enabled interface between educational institutions and students all over the globe. GCM has/had offices in India (Gurgaon) and China (Beijing) also. The Indian office was catering to 80 cities in the Indian subcontinent, Middle East and Africa. China being the largest source of international students, the Chinese office had no need to look beyond the Great Wall.

It is not clear why GCM had to wind up. Has its business model failed? Or is economic recession impacting international education industry also? Or, less hopefully, are some unscrupulous elements responsible for this failure?

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