Friday, August 28, 2009

Supreme Court : Justice Kannan's blog

Justice K.Kannan of the Punjab and Haryana High Court recently shot into limelight for voluntarily disclosing his assets to the public though he also opined that demanding voluntary disclosure from judges is fraught with risk to independence of judiciary.

His blog is atypical of a judge. He expresses his views on various judgements, mostly in agreement. Recently he posted his views on a judgement from the Punjab and Haryana High Court on the right of a mentally retarded person to carry a child to term.The person was a serial victim of bestial behaviour of people. The High Court had decided that the victim did not have an inviolable right to deliver the baby in view of various disturbing circumstances. On appeal, the Supreme Court reversed the decision and said the victim cannot be forced to terminate the pregnancy.

I commented on the views expressed by Justice Kannan as follows:

" Your succinct reasoning reminds us that the Supreme Court is not supreme because it is infallible, but it is infallible because it is supreme". This is a quote from an American judge. I thought that this comment was innocuous, meaningful at best and irrelevant at worst. However, the comment was deleted by Justice Kannan.

I wonder what could be the reason for deletion. Perhaps judges do not want to be seen as even remotely enabling people to express even tangentially hurtful views on the majesty of the Supreme Court, however truthful they are.

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Anonymous said...

our society is intolerant of criticism, fair or unfair. How can you expect a judge to permit you to use his blog to comment on the supreme court? do you think he is not interested in his career?