Saturday, August 15, 2009

Detention of Shah Rukh Khan

SRK was detained (?) at Newark airport for 2 (?) hours. Was he detained or was he only frisked? Was it over a period of two hours or a much lesser duration? Is it also true that he was not allowed to make telephone calls?

SRK figured in the list of 50 most influential persons in the world published by Newsweek sometime last year. Assuming that the airport immigration officials were unaware of SRK's identity (which is quite possible), they could have easily verified through Google search or any other method they were comfortable with. Is it possible that SRK did not suggest anything like this?

SRK was in America ,inter alia, in connection with his soon-to-be released movie "My name is Khan" where he acts as a Muslim who is not a terrorist. There are cynics (?) who claim that the "detention" was arranged by 20th Century Fox as a trailer.

If he was detained only because his surname is 'Khan' and the immigration officials made no sensible attempts to satisfy themselves about SRK despite his attempts to prove his identity, the episode can only be termed as religious prejudice masquerading as 'security consciousness'.

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Anonymous said...

I am astonished by SRK's reaction and even more surprised by response of others. The immigration officials were doing their duty and that is that. SRK's grievance is perhaps born out of his megalomania.
The sub-title of your blog "kurai onrum illai" (meaning "I have no grievance") sums up highest philosophy and spirituality. Frankly I did not expect SRK to live up to this.