Monday, July 06, 2009

Politics behind the budget

It was expected that the budget would be focussing on reforms since the anti-reform communists are not a hindrance to UPA any longer. Surprisingly, the 90-minute budget speech was laconic on reforms. Divestment which is considered as a main indicator of reforms was soft-pedalled. Trinamool Congress is happy about this. Apparently Trinamool Congress has taken the place of its bete-noire, the Marxists. As they say, the more politics changes , the more it remains the same. The announcement regarding funds allocation for Mumbai drainage improvement is aimed at upcoming state elections in Maharashtra. The budget has also announced a grant of Rs.50 crore to the Punjab University. Is it because our PM was a student and also a Professor there?

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Anonymous said...

The Congress party by itself does not command even simple majority in the Lok Sabha. So, you can expect the party to develop cold feet at crucial moments.Do not expect miracles.