Monday, July 06, 2009

Judicial somersault on political interference

Justice Reghupathi's open-court reference to ministerial pressure on him has taken an expected anticlimactic turn. He has informed the High Court Chief Justice that no union minister directly spoke to him. Hon. CJ of the Supreme Court who was earlier vociferous against political pressure has now softpedalled the issue saying there is nothing to suggest that the minister had called the judge.

It is not difficult to conclude that there has been intense pressure to ease the minister off the hook and the judiciary is only all too willing for rapprochement. The denouement of this judicial-political farce was never in doubt though the modus operandi has been amateurish. Assuming that the minister did not speak to the judge, is it the end of the matter? Is Justice Reghupathi now convinced there was after all no pressure on him and that he was only paranoid? Is the CJI certain that nothing is amiss? Is the Prime Minister satisfied that his ministers are squeaky -clean?

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Anonymous said...

Politics trumps everythingelse in India, including judiciary. Sad, but true.