Thursday, December 29, 2016

Madras High Court wakes up

A Division Bench of the Madras HC consisting of Justices S.Vaidyanathan and V.Parthiban has noted that there is suspicion about the cause of Jayalalithaa's death in Apollo Hospital. The court has castigated the central government also for not coming clean about the treatment given to the former chief minister.

Justice Vaidyanathan has bemoaned that he also has doubts about the mysterious death. A petition was filed in the High Court when Jayalalithaa was supposedly alive demanding more information from the government. That petition was dismissed by the court. Is the court waking up when it is too late?

If the judge strongly feels that there are suspicious circumstances, the judge ought to have suo-moto ordered an investigation instead of waiting for a PIL. The court's response is too little, too late.

With both state and central governments anxious to bury the suspicions about the demise, it is very likely that the court will also soft pedal the issue. Even otherwise, this is a typical case of justice delayed, justice denied.

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