Sunday, October 09, 2016

Is the Third World all that bad?

Politicians of the First World are wont to claim that vulgarisation of politics is a defining feature of the Third World and that politeness is the hallmark of politics of the developed world. Is this claim borne out by facts?

Recently some leaders of the UKIP , the party that was at least partly responsible for the Brexit decision, exchanged blows while discussing the Brexit process. Steven Woolfe, a serious contender for the presidentship of the UKIP party, was physically floored in an altercation with another party luminary, Mike Hookem. UKIP is now conducting an election for its leadership following the resignation of Diane James who resigned in disgust after knowing that Nigel Farage, an active and articulate leader of the UKIP, had once called her a b---h.

Reacting to the attack on Woolfe, several hours later the former Ukip leader (Farage) told reporters the incident didn't make Ukip “look good”, describing it as something seen in “Third World parliaments”.
Mr Farage said: “We’re talking about a dispute that finished up physically. It never looks good. It makes us look like – you see Third World parliaments where this sort of thing happens."

In the US, the debate between contenders for presidency, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, eclipses the Third World politicians for its debased language and impolite conduct.

The First World is called so only because of its material progress. It is as bad as the Third World in terms of uncultured behaviour.

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