Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Wow! What a great leader!

Andrea Leadsom is one of the contestants for leadership of the Tories and hence prime ministership of the UK. Her leadership qualities have been recently discovered by Boris Johnson after he was double-crossed by Michael Gove in the aftermath of the referendum.

Says Boris Johnson, " Andrea Leadsom offers the zap, the drive, and the determination essential for the next leader of this country. She has long championed the needs of the most vulnerable in our society. She has a better understanding of finance than almost anyone else in Parliament. She has considerable experience of government. She is level headed, kind, trustworthy approachable and the possessor of a good sense of humour. She has specialised in the EU question and successfully campaigned for leave and will be therefore well placed to help forge a great post Brexit future for Britain and Europe. Above all she possesses the qualities needed to bring together leavers and remainers in the weeks and months ahead. I will be voting for Andrea Leadsom tomorrow."

Johnson's perversion keeps growing after he realised that his campaign for Brexit was an overshoot that would boomerang on him.

Added on July 8: The race for UK premiership is now between Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom only. The former seems to have an edge despite Boris Johnson's flattery of the latter. May the better candidate win !

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