Thursday, June 09, 2016

Modi's mojo

Modi's address to the US Congress has deservedly attracted praise from all directions. As usual, he spoke without the assistance of any notes. He traversed an array of subjects. He stressed the significance of both India and America. His emotional involvement was explicit on his face when he referred to terrorism.

Modi could have been more forthright about Pakistan's perfidy. Pakistan sheltered Osama bin Laden while pretending to be unaware of his whereabouts. This was an affront to America. America somehow chose not to confront Pakistan openly and assiduously on this treachery.

Modi praised the American Senate for imposing conditions on Pakistan if they are to avail military aid. Unfortunately, President Obama is trying to remove these conditions. President's intention is an insult to anti-terrorism forces. It is unthinkable that a Nobel laureate in Peace favours a terrorist nation.

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