Thursday, May 19, 2016

Brain-dead Congress

Reacting to the dismal performance of the Congress party in the recent general elections in five states, Shashi Tharoor says,

"The time for introspection is now past. Time for action has come…It is time to move and it is time to make some visible changes that the world and the country can see because for a couple of years after 2014, the process for consideration, reflection, introspection and so on has been taking place. It is now time for the leadership to draw on the conclusion from their introspection and take necessary action.” 

Digvijaya Singh laments, “Today’s results disappointing but not unexpected. We have done enough introspection. Shouldn’t we go for a major surgery?” 

Action? Major surgery? In any political party, the leadership is supposed to be the brain. If the brain is dead, can the patient be revived? Unlike for a human being, the brain of a political party can be replaced. When the brain is dead, it serves no purpose to indulge in transplant of kidney or heart to revive the patient.

If the party is not willing / able / ready to free itself from the toxic clutches of the Gandhi family, the Congress will soon become a thing of the past. Didi rightly said that Rahul Gandhi is Modi's USP !

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