Monday, April 18, 2016


T.M.Krishna is generally considered as a musician with a difference. Therefore, he has a select group of fans which admires not only his music but more so his avowed principles.

He has many times spoken against the habit of charging the sabhas an exorbitant amount for music performances. His leftist streak won many plaudits.

It is therefore very surprising that he was given Rs. one lakh in cash for a music performance recently in Bangalore. It came to light only because he lost the amount and he has lodged a police complaint.

Receiving such an amount in cash is generally inappropriate. Cash receipts escape the notice of tax authorities. This stray incident also raises the unavoidable follow-up question of how many such receipts were effected.

T.M.Krishna will do well to clarify the attendant questions in order to retain the respect and regard of his fans. If he does not want to be a musician with a difference, he may choose not to be transparent but would in the process lose the right to sermonise to others.

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