Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Good and Bad

Far from the common belief that science is consistent, it is eternally evolving and in the process subjects itself to criticism of inconsistency.

There was a time when doctors used to say that cholesterol was bad for the heart. Period. They subsequently became wiser and started differentiating good and bad cholesterol - HDL and LDL. It is not enough if we reduce our LDL, we need to increase our HDL simultaneously.

Fat was thought to be bad, whatever its source. But now comes the news that fat also is divided into healthy fat (mainly of vegetable oils) and unhealthy fat (mainly meat). It is not enough if you reduce your meat intake, you must also increase use of vegetable oils. More heart attacks are caused by deficiency of healthy fat than by excess of unhealthy fat.

What will be the next surprise?

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