Sunday, December 13, 2015

Do Indians lack perceptiveness?

How perceptive are Indians? Not very. Ipsos MORI’s latest version of the Perils of Perception survey (2015)  highlights how wrong the public across 33 countries are about some key issues and features of the population in their country. The gap between perception and reality shown as 'Index of Ignorance' paints India in poor light. Among the countries surveyed, India exhibits the second largest 'perception - reality gap'. 

 The Ipsos 'Index of Ignorance' table
 1Mexico  Least accurate
 2 India
 3 Brazil
 4 Peru
 5 New Zealand
 6 Colombia
 7 Belgium
 8 South Africa
 9 Argentina
 10 Italy
 11 Russia
 12 Chile
 13 Great Britain
 14 Israel
 15 Australia
 16 Japan
 17 Canada
 18 Germany
 19 Netherlands
 20 Spain
 21 Norway
 22 France
 23 Sweden
 24 United States
 25 China
 26 Poland
 27 Ireland
 28 South Korea Most accurate 

Indians think 41% of us are obese / overweight whereas the reality is 30%
We think 21% of us are immigrants though only 0.4% is.
We opine that 33% of us are atheist / agnostic / non-religious, but the actual figure is as low as 0.1%
Average age of Indians is 27 whereas we think it is 49.
The most surprising finding is that we assume 60% of homes are connected to the net whereas in reality it is only 19%

What does all this mean? Is it an indication that we are very creative?

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