Saturday, April 25, 2015

Distressed farmers

When Gajendra, the elephant king, cried out in distress, Aadhi Moolam (Lord Mahavishnu) rushed to save him. Unfortunately Gajendra Singh, the distressed farmer from Rajasthan could not find anyone to come to his help. Thus one more farmer committed suicide and was just treated as a part of statistical detail.

There is no political party in India which does not profess that farmers constitute the country's backbone. But no political party does anything substantial to alleviate their recurring misery. As we enter another monsoon period with likely deficient rainfall, the picture may become more gruesome.

Political hypocrisy is common in India. Views change depending on whether a party is in power or in opposition. Opinions on land acquisition are a standard example. It is time that we discovered some way out of such political somersaults.

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