Thursday, March 12, 2015

Manmohan Singh arraigned

The special court hearing the coal case has asked the former prime minister to appear before it. Manmohan Singh admits that he is upset though he is always ready for legal scrutiny. Congress leaders including Sonia Gandhi marched to his house in a show of solidarity.

The learned judge, Bharat Parashar, has needlessly explained, "This court had to act with a heavy conscience and with full realisation what the present order will have over the morale of the country as a whole". The judge has gone out of the way to assure that he has made a detailed analysis before asking for Singh's presence. The former prime minister will doubtless appreciate that all are equal before the law and that it is but inevitable that a person in the thick of scam after scam, conniving or turning a conveniently blind eye, will be made answerable sometime or the other.

Plans are afoot to appeal to the Supreme Court to cancel the summons. It is hoped that the Supreme Court will not bend the law however mighty the arraigned applicant is.

We do not know how history will judge Manmohan Singh. But a scrupulous judiciary has no option but to find him guilty of dereliction of constitutional duty and betrayal of nation's confidence.

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