Friday, January 23, 2015

Standard plea by high-profile accused / suspects

There are similarities between Dayanidhi Maran and Shashi Tharoor. Both were 'dynamic' and 'progressive' ministers in Manmohan Singh's cabinet. Both are well connected and wallowing in wealth.

There are allegations or suspicions against this duo. Maran is alleged to have misused BSNL's connectivity for his brother's TV channel. He is also alleged to have twisted the arms of Sivasankaran in the Aircel case. If these allegations are true, Maran had misappropriated public wealth and the property of a businessman. At the height of one's power, it is not unusual for a person to become blind to the distinction between public money and one's own property.

Tharoor is alleged to have obtained sweat equity of Rs.70 crore from Kochi IPL in the name of Sunanda Pushkar who subsequently became his wife. It is also alleged that when Sunanda was about to make public Shashi Tharoor's alleged 'shenanigans', she was done away with. Mismanaged carnal desires make one oblivious to immorality of unacceptable unethical behaviour.

Both VIPs have alleged that their staff were tortured and unlawfully treated by the CBI with ulterior motives. One wonders if they are aware that public perception is against them. 

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