Saturday, December 06, 2014

Policing Corruption

Following is a report in The Hindu datelined Visakhapatnam 7th December:

"Lobbying for plum posts in important police stations began a couple of months ago. But of late, it has acquired a new dimension.
Earlier, lobbying was primarily based on caste lines.
At present, it is learnt that MLAs of various constituencies have set bid amounts for postings, depending on the importance of the police station.
On the one hand, the caste factor, the dominant being Kapus and Velamas, continues to hold sway, and, on the other, close confidantes of MLAs have been in touch with police officers, promising the desired posting for a price.
A senior officer said that he was approached by the personal assistant of an MLA for posting in a particular police station for a price of Rs. 15 lakh.
He informed The Hindu that the price varies on the income-generating capacity of the police stations.
Heading the list are Parawada, PM Palem and Pendurthi police stations, where shady land deals are on the rise due to expansion of the city limits.
Following them are the Harbour, Two Town, Three Town, Gajuwaka, Four Town, Fifth Town, and One Town police stations. The rate varies from Rs. 15 lakh to Rs. 8 lakh, says an officer.
According to an officer of Additional SP rank, the practice of lobbying for posts and the interference of politicians who desire to have his or her known officer in the native constituency is a known fact. But setting of such high stakes is something new.

He, however, wonders why police officers have to pay politicians for the postings!"

This is no news because everyone knows that this is a normal feature in every part of the country. "Auctioning" 'opportunistic' posts is a country-wide practice.

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