Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ranjit Sinha's hospitality

A country-wide hue and cry has been raised over the CBI Director's visitors. Ranjit Sinha has answered the critics in a step by step methodical way. There was no visitors' log. Even if there was one, what was produced in the Supreme Court was not genuine. Even if it was genuine, he did not meet all of them. Even if he met all of them, he met them only to satisfy himself about the veracity of notings made against them by CBI's lower level politically-naive officials. So, where is the alleged misconduct by the Director?

Sinha wants the name of 'whistle-blower' to be made known. Who is the ungrateful / unreliable renegade who has stooped to the level of disclosing what his / her boss does? This 'namak haram' should be named, shamed and jailed. Nobody has the right to bring down the reputation of the CBI Chief.

How does the Supreme Court even think of entertaining an application against the conduct of the CBI Chief? Has it forgotten Thomas Fuller's famous dictum: "Be you ever so high, the CBI is above you"? The Supreme Court must be charged with contempt of CBI.

Let us not forget the noble role played by Manmohan Singh in ensuring Ranjit Sinha's appointment to head the CBI. He protected the 'Coalition Dharma' by favouring Lalu Prasad's saviour. It is a befitting coincidence that both Singh and Sinha have 'Sin' deeply embedded in their names.

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