Friday, November 29, 2013

Jayanti Natarajan's shocker

Tarun Tejpal's heinous behaviour in an elevator in a Goan hotel has unhinged many otherwise sedate persons. How else can we justify Jayanti Natarajan's obnoxious remark on the event and its fallout?

"Hundreds of foreign tourists are raped in Goa. Is the chief minister taking personal interest in those cases?" As a responsible minister it is also Jayanti Natarajan's duty to prevent the hundreds of rapes that are allegedly happening in Goa. The prime minister should wake up to this remark made by his minister and safeguard India's prestige. If the allegation is false, the minister should be advised that she has no right to debase Goa and thus India only to score political brownie points.

The minister added, "Why should the hearing take place in Goa and not in Mumbai?" So, if there is a charge of rape of say a Canadian lady in Goa, the case should be heard in Canada! Politics makes even decent people to stoop low.

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