Monday, August 27, 2012

Prime Minister's inappropriate remark

Following is a part of the statement submitted to parliament by the prime minister today:

"Postponing the allocation of coal blocks until the new system was in place would have meant lower energy production, lower GDP growth and also lower revenues. It is unfortunate that the CAG has not taken these aspects into account."

The learned prime minister ought to know that the CAG's remit is only to assess the propriety of allocation process and to point out financial loss to the exchequer. CAG is not supposed to look at perceived impact on GDP growth. One may argue that corruption lubricates the economic system and in its absence GDP growth may be lower. Is CAG or for that matter any other authority expected to condone corruption? It ill-behoves the prime minister to run down another constitutional authority and that too unreasonably. It is unfortunate that Manmohan Singh has made this remark.

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