Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Who is our next President?

It's now time to choose the next President of the country. Would he or she be like the present President or better or worse?

The performance of Pratibha Patel has at best been mediocre. We cannot blame her. She never promised anything better. Whoever was responsible for her selection should take the blame.

Hamid Ansari, the present Vice-President in the normal course would have been a natural choice but for his controversial handling of the Rajya Sabha debate on Lokpal (non-) Bill.

Gopalkrishna Gandhi, a former Governor of W.Bengal will be an excellent President. He is sensible, articulate, self-effacing, apolitical, well-informed, non-sectarian, ethical and zero-tolerant of violence. But are these the qualities that will ensure victory in a Presidential election? Can we afford to forget that the electors are parliamentarians and legislators?

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