Wednesday, February 15, 2012

All the President's men

The Indian Express and other newspapers today reported that Rs. 1 crore was seized from Mr.Raosaheb Shekhawat, Congress MLA from Amravati district and our President's son. He has claimed that the money was for distribution to economically deprived Congress candidates in the local elections.

Some readers of The Indian Express have commented as under:

1) President's son has disgraced Hon'ble President. He should be carrying at least 100 Crore. President ka beta hoke keval ek Crore baant raha hai, what a disgrace. Appeal to President (and congress) at least issue 100 Crore in future - in keeping with the reputation of President's Office.

2) How daring is that Police Officer. Our honble Presidents son is taking the money only for poor people's distribution. Congress is always for poor man / people. Do the police has got guts to touch Sonia families convoy like this? We are in India. We Indians have given full powers to Congress and its allies to loot our poor man's money legally. The honest police officer should be severely punished to appease our Honble President and Congress. Digvijay Singh see the atrocities committed by the Police.

3) What rubbish! The police officer involved must be transferred to jail. How can he stop VVIP's car? 1 crore is a small change for our netas. 1,76,000 crores is some money our netas are used to handle

4) President's brother was accused of murdering a Congress activist in her home town Jalgaon. The poor widow is fighting for justice for the past six years. Now Patil's son is caught with black money. Patil is a disgrace to the office of President - Deshbhakti Andolan

5)What one cannot understand is that when the banking system is very efficient in transferring money from anywhere to anywhere within minutes, where was the need for anyone to carry the money in cash for 'distribution' to the candidates (that too 1 lakh each with the rest to the District Committee)? The money could have easily been sent through the banking system unless the same is unaccounted money. Anyway, this will die a natural death. On the other hand, see how prompt the FIR has been filed against MNS for the interview having been aired in violation of the poll code, while the Central Ministers who have been censured for violation of model code of conduct get away with mere 'regret'. Great Democracy, we have.

The powers that be will only mock, "So what?"

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rajiv said...

Politicians are making sure that they accumulate, till they remain in power.