Saturday, March 21, 2009

Looking for meaning in the meaningless

How attractive is public sector as an employer to IIT / IIM / IIT cum IIM graduates? 6 % of IIT graduates (who have not "done time" in IIM) occupy public sector jobs. Only 5 % of IIM graduates (who have not come via IIT) have chosen public sector careers. 8% of IIT cum IIM graduates are into public sector.

Reading these statistics, one would have expected less than 6 % among IIT cum IIM graduates would be interested in PSU career. How come 8 % are so interested?

It is tempting to dismiss the survey findings as lacking in credibility on account of low sample size, non-randomness of sample, biasses of surveyors etc. But, assuming that the survey findings reflect reality (possibly the weirdest assumption), what could be the reasons for increased preference for public sector placement among IIT cum IIM graduates compared to IIT and IIM standalones? We will explore in the next blog.

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